During a tragical surgical mistake in a German hospital in 2016, my father lost 70% of his blood. Not receiving transfusion by the careless staff during the incident led his nervous-system to break down. As a result, my father lost his eyesight due to severe damage to his optical nerve, and he lived as a blind man since then, trying to recover from his nervous system damage and adapting to his new life taking place mostly at home. As a computer scientist, what he missed most was being able to read and to code. In October 2020, I began documenting my father’s life with the intention to accompany his unique journey of recovery in his apartment near Frankfurt. His health declined for months and he decided to visit his homecountry Ghana for the first time since 2015. We went together with the intention to find solutions and reconnect to the continent. Under treatment with Dr. Wiafe, a herbal medicine doctor, my father’s health improved for the first time. He felt better, could work out, and started to recognize the shape of my fingers one evening. But after a few weeks in Ghana, just before his planned flight back home to Germany, he started to feel weaker every day.  

On the 8th of August 2021, my beloved father unexpectedly passed away in Accra.